Fraudulent minutes per week

One does not need to look further than to the experience in practice. This operator was a customer of the market leader but still suffered large losses. But the Calltic solution was able to bring the fraud to an absolute minimum.

SIMbox detection

Calltic has developed a radical new approach in telecom fraud fighting.

Despite a lot of innovation in the last 15 years, SIM Boxes are still around and still rank in the top 3 frauds worldwide. It is time for the final solution.

With a completely new outside the box technology Calltic is able to detect bypass fraud much faster and much more accurate than existing technologies.

The concept behind Calltic’s new technology is simple: a SIM Box call looks like a local call but is in reality a disguised international call.

To all CDR and signaling based technologies a SIM Box call indeed is a local call: it is a local SIM that has a local CLI. This makes for a false start in detection.

But the acoustic path of a SIM Box is an end-to-end international call. Calltic has developed the technology to differentiate a local call from an international call based on the quality of the acoustic signal – somewhat comparable to the analysis of the quality of the call.

It is the technology that is finally needed to successfully fight Bypass Fraud:

  • Fast. Very Fast.
    Speed of the detection is the single most important KPI. Profiling, whether based on CDR or signalling, is inherently slow. Calltic does not depend on profiling but works call by call.
  • Find all fraud.
    It doesn’t matter if fraudulent traffic is mixed with genuine traffic. Calltic finds all fraud, off-net as fast as on-net, and even PBX that mix traffic.
  • Untouchable by countermeasures.
    Fraudsters get very intelligent in spoofing calling behavior. Calltic detection is based on physical characteristics of a SIM Box call and cannot be circumvented. No escaping!