Solving Sim Box Fraud

Once and for all

Once and for all
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Joining Forces

Fraudsters be aware!

It is with great pleasure that Calltic and Fraudbuster are announcing that both companies have merged and are joining forces in the fight against fraud.
Former Calltic CEO Guy Van der Meeren has been appointed CEO of the new group, that will keep the name of Fraudbuster.
Operating from offices in Paris & Marseille (France) and Ghent (Belgium), we are confident that we will be even more effective and successful in fighting different types of (interconnect) fraud in Africa, LATAM and Asia, as well as in the development of new solutions and tools offering significant added value to telco operators.

Our respective strengths and footprints will establish an unbeatable service and guarantee utmost satisfaction to our clients. A game changer, fraudsters be aware!

More info about the merger

On a practical note, former Calltic e-mail addresses will disappear and be replaced in the near future. However, there will be a transition period during which you can still use the extension.

For more information about the merger, feel free to contact us at

For sales related matters: please contact Michaël Houis, head of sales, at
For new product development: please contact Filip Naudts, head of product management, at



SIMbox detection

New approach

Calltic has developed a radical new approach in telecom fraud fighting.

Outside the box technology

SIMbox interconnect bypass and IRSF have been the 2 largest fraud
loss causes for telco operators for years now.
Due to a completely new outside of the box technology Calltic is able
to detect these types of fraud rapidly, accurately and effortlessly.
With one single solution.

Complete solution

On top, Calltic’s solution is complete: on-net, off-net, change in call-behaviour,… there is no escape from Calltic.
Apart from delivering an efficient and reliable solution for telecom fraud, Calltic wants to excel with a topnotch customer service.
We don’t treat customers as numbers.
A tailor-made service is what you deserve.

Experience our solution

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Milad Khairallah
CEO Africell Congo DRC

Actions and results speak louder than words: thanks to Calltic, Africell DRC has been able to restore a large part of international incoming traffic via the so-called white routes, so the ROI has been very positive so far

Francis Afful
Senior Manager Risk & Fraud Management MTN Ghana

I must say that the performance of the Calltic solution was way above my expectation.

Gaylord Mamona
Fraud & Risk Manager Orange Congo DRC
The biggest difference versus other solutions is the technology. It’s something we haven’t seen anywhere else.
Félix Ngome
Director Fraud & Revenue Assurance Orange Cameroon

We were lagging behind the fraudsters instead of the contrary. And that was the biggest difference Calltic brought us. Calltic really attacked the fraud, Calltic was pro-active instead of retro-active.


Fraud detection methods

Calltic is developing fraud detection methods for telcos that will vastly outperform traditional CDR profiling.

Full GSMA Member

Guy Van de Meeren - CEO

Over 15 years of experience in SBD, was the founder of Meucci Solutions and invented their Test Call Generation solution, the first generation of SIMbox fighting. Now Guy invented a completely new technology and is back with the newest generation of bypass detection.

Frederik Van Coppernolle - CCO

About 10 years of experience in telco fraud sales.
A personal approach and reliability are guaranteed.

Filip Hoste - CTO

Experienced Chief Technology
Officer with a demonstrated history
of working in the telecommunications
20 years of experience as software
architect. Discovered a radical new
approach for fraud detection.