Gaylord Mamona

Fraud & Risk Manager Orange Congo DRC

The biggest difference versus other solutions is the technology. It’s something we haven’t seen anywhere else.

Interview with Mister Gaylord Mamona, Fraud & Risk Manager. Orange Congo DRC

Let’s start with a question out of curiosity. What made Orange Congo decide to start up a PoC with Calltic?

  • Every year we evaluate our existing tools, we place them face to face. On top of that we’re always looking out for newer and more effective solutions. So, we wanted to trial with Calltic to see whether it was more effective versus one of our existing tools. And so has happened, the results were obvious, so we said goodbye to one of our old partners because they were not as effective as Calltic according to our analysis.


As you mentioned, Orange Congo has a lot of experience with a wide variety of SIMbox detection tools. What makes Calltic different from other systems you tested with?

  • In the end, regardless of which partner or tool we work with, it’s results that are the most important. To measure those, our normal KPIs are how much we detect and the speed of detection. And at this moment it’s Calltic who has the best results. Calltic has brought us a completely new approach that we didn’t know before and gave us the chance to try it out. We’re always keen to try new technologies and this tool turned out to be very effective.


You were having Test Call Generation and Signaling technologies before. How exactly was Calltic more efficient than those?

  • It’s true. We had test calls from a vendor as well as from Orange group. And on top a signaling solution that used to be effective. But then we had the chance to try out the Calltic solution that is more looking to the signal itself to link it to SIMboxing. And from the start of the trial we noticed increased detection, both in numbers and speed. And we’ve also noticed an increase in incoming international traffic. The biggest difference versus other solutions is the technology. It’s something we haven’t seen anywhere else. That was the main reason we wanted to try it…and it delivered what you guys said it would do.


Looking back, are you happy Orange Congo decided to trial with Calltic?

  • Well, we decided to continue commercially with Calltic, that means we are happy. Like I said, we continuously look to put our tools to the test and decide to proceed with the most effective. So, the fact we teamed up with Calltic means it gives us the best return on investment currently.


Any last word of advice for other operators out there?

  • I don’t know how other operators work and how their strategy is. I can only explain how ours is and that our decision to collaborate with Calltic is working and that we are happy.