Milad Khairallah
CEO Africell Congo DRC

Actions and results speak louder than words: thanks to Calltic, Africell DRC has been able to restore a large part of international incoming traffic via the so-called white routes, so the ROI has been very positive so far

Francis Afful
Senior Manager Risk & Fraud Management MTN Ghana

Je dois dire que les performances de la solution Calltic étaient bien au-delà de mes attentes.

Gaylord Mamona
Fraud & Risk Manager Orange Congo DRC
The biggest difference versus other solutions is the technology. It’s something we haven’t seen anywhere else.
Félix Ngome
Director Fraud & Revenue Assurance Orange Cameroon

We were lagging behind the fraudsters instead of the contrary. And that was the biggest difference Calltic brought us. Calltic really attacked the fraud, Calltic was pro-active instead of retro-active.